Why Toe The Line Is An Important Tool For An Unbeatable Mind

Posted by Ryan Cogan on 26th Oct 2017

If you are back for more after reading our first piece, thank you so much for sticking with us through the early stages of this conversation we want to start with you. If you did miss our first Blog, please give My Toe The Line Story a read as it will bring some really great context to many of the articles I plan to bring you in the coming months.Toeing The Line is something I and all of us here at RedLine Gear believe very strongly in and strive to do every day. So, I bet you are wondering, what is this Line? How do I find it? Why should I even care about this Line? Today I am going to touch on all of those for you.

What is “The Line”?

Think of the Line as a threshold for your capacity to do work and make improvements. In that, once you pass this threshold, you are either overdoing it or you are putting yourself into a precarious zone where the risk of failure or setbacks is substantially higher than if you stayed within your threshold. Not to say that crossing your lines into uncomfortable territory is always a bad thing. In many arenas that require physical or mental effort, there comes a point of diminishing returns. Knowing where that point is can be invaluable. Knowing where your Line is and acknowledging its existence will be an integral step in your ability to effectively Toe The Line and move your Line closer to your end goal.

Where is “The Line”?

Every single person on this planet is different. It is actually truly amazing to think about how many different perspectives there could be of a very simple object. That said, your lines and limits could be very different and react very differently, when pushed, than someone else's. We will talk in depth about how to find your Line in the article coming out next Thursday. For now, let's just take a look at something you might be doing right now and try to find your Line. Have you been training any specific lifts lately? Is there anything in the gym that you are diligently working on to improve? Well let’s say that thing is muscle ups. Can you do 1? Great! You can. Can you do 10? No. Ok, your line is somewhere in between 1 and 10 muscle ups. Finding your line is not as simple as saying ok I can do 7 so that’s my line. Your Line is like a wall that is acting as a barrier. By working closely to that barrier and occasionally going over it, we can begin to compile data on how to start pulling bricks out of the wall until it no longer exists and you are staring at a brand new wall or as we like to call it, GROWTH OPPORTUNITY.

With this, we can begin to get more and more precise on where our Lines and Limits are. Using the above example, your line is not a number. The number is not holding you back. Think of your line like a brick wall. Brick walls can be knocked down. You have to stay close to your wall so you know which bricks are weak points and on which bricks to focus your efforts. Something to do with your ability and training is holding you back, the bricks, from surpassing the 7 muscle ups you are currently capable of. In many cases, your Line can be elusive and likely complex and dynamic. That being one day might feel better than others because of a multitude of factors. The only way to find your Line and learn about it is to get close to it. When I was training for the Navy, it absorbed me. I lived near my lines and limits every waking minute. My desire was so potent and I was able to make improvements at a rapid pace. Walls crumbled at my feet weekly and sometimes daily. This potent desire I had, to be one of the best, forced me into using many of the concepts of Toe The Line unknowingly. Now that I have had the opportunity to learn and grow with Toe The Line in my toolbag, I can activate and use it to my advantage in whatever I want to pursue.

So, why should you Toe The Line?

I hope the above examples were able to bring some context to what may, to this point, have been a pretty arbitrary term. Please feel free to email me with any questions at ryan@redlinegear.net. You should toe the line because it is an unbelievably powerful tool that when used can bring unimaginable results. Nothing happens overnight. It takes a clearly thought out and diligently executed plan to accomplish anything you want for yourself. Of course people get lucky but I would argue that most luck is a combination of hard work and opportunity. When you Toe The Line, you are working as close as possible to the obstacles that stand in your way. You do this and sometimes you suffer. Burning in the back of your brain though is your desire. You must visualize your success just beyond the barriers that you discover through Toeing The Line. Here is another Napoleon Hill quote to sign off this week. Can’t wait to talk to you all again next Thursday!

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”

-Napoleon Hill

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